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how to host an employee appreciation breakfast at work

Has anyone told you today that you’re awesome? Because you are. My goal from now on is to take landscape photos … sorry for the pain my portraits have caused

Happy Hour Offsites in San Francisco

With 52 opportunities for Thursday Happy Hours each year, we sometimes find ourselves doing the same things over and over again. Take it out of the office to some super

Engaging the Hipster: 5 more tastings to host

If you’ve found nothing worthy in my article  5 Things to Taste That Aren’t Wine, you probably won’t find any here either. Here are 5 more fun tastings to host

Upgrade your office birthday party treats

I see my team partially as my children (in the way that I want to nurture them, see them grow and make them happy) so when I have the opportunity

The Best Work Perks in San Francisco

Zen Room, Game Room, DJ Booth, complimentary massages and guided meditation, fitness classes on-site and fully covered gym memberships. Oh, and that’s just one company, which also offers their employees

Social Perks your office should have

Ommmmmmmmm. Can’t you see I’m in a meeting? Ready to make a huge impact in your office? Offering extra goodies to your team is highly motivating! Amp up your perk-factor

Make an Office Photo Wall with your Instagram Photos

If your company has a lot of fun, they probably have an Instagram hashtag that you normally use.  My office has an office-specific hashtag we use and we have over

Happy Little Trees… a DIY Bob Ross Paint Night

Bob Ross is so hot right now, and thats why you should be hosting a Bob Ross Paint Night for your squad. A normal wine and paint night costs around $75 per person (in San Francisco) which is ridiculous when you compare it to what materials cost. Amazon + Michael’s are my best friends.

Office Manager Productivity Tools

Some Mondays I get to work, and after hours of opening and closing different tabs I settle on this unnerving fact: And then I realize that I’m not using the

We played Archery Tag and it was AWESOME

There are so many event/service companies in SF, it’s nearly impossible to see what each one has to offer. Luckily, one of my coworkers referred us to his friend who

5 (not wine) Tastings to Host

First of all, nothing can replace wine. Second of all, is first of all even proper English? Ugh. Cider. There are so many types of cider hitting the market and

What to do on Cinco De Mayo: host a guacamole competition

I don’t like going out on Cinco De Mayo, so I always host something for the people like me. This idea could be changed into a Margarita competition! Or Salsa! You

5 totally FREE employee engagement events

Am I the only one who plays games with their family and then suddenly I stop for a retrospective second and think, “Wow, I actually like these people.” Not a lot

Hosting a Brand Trivia Night at work

This will be a fun event if your company is in the tech / social space. You could always edit the questions to fit your industry. My office has 50

How to prank your work BFF

When I’m feeling mischievous, nothing will stand in my way of a good prank. Here are 6 ways to mess with your coworkers. 1. The Rogue Mouse The rogue mouse is

How to Properly Celebrate Ridiculous Holidays

There is a lot more to do than post ‘May the 4th be with you’ on 5/4. Photography Day: Hire an expert in iPhoneography to take your team on an educational how-to-take-amazing-pictures-with-your-iPhone