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Happy Little Trees… a DIY Bob Ross Paint Night

Bob Ross is so hot right now, and that’s why you should be hosting a Bob Ross Paint Night for your squad. A normal wine and paint night costs around $75 per person (in San Francisco) which is ridiculous when you compare it to what materials cost. Amazon + Michael’s are my best friends.
Chosen Episode of Bob Ross Joy of Painting: Distant Mountains, Season 14 Episode 1
You’ll need (per person)
1 2” Flat Brush (Michael’s)
1 1” Flat Brush (Michael’s)
2 #6 Fan Brushes (Michael’s)
1 Painters Knife (Michael’s)
Liquid White
Titanium White
Phtahalo Green
Phtahalo Blue
Prussian Blue
Midnight Black
Dark Sienna
Van Dyke Brown
Alizarin Crimson
Sap Green
Cadmium Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Indian Yellow
Bright Red
Buckets with odorless thinner (1 bucket for every 4-6 people)
Trash Cans (for beating the devil out of your brushes)
*To be even more cost effective, you could buy half the amount of brushes and split the group into two paint sessions.
Pad your time, this is a lot of prep! You’ve got to coat the canvases, set up the stations, dispense the paint, play the episode…
Don’t be overwhelmed. I’ll step it out.
  1.  Open Wine! Is this a paint night or what? You have to try it… just a glass for quality control 😉
  2. Set out the easels. Don’t forget about elbow room, and room for the paint palette.
  3. Using a clean 2” brush and light strokes, coat all of the canvases in a nail polish thick coat of Liquid White. Sweeping up and down, blending it into the canvas a little, yeah, that’s right.
  4. Set out your paint brushes, at each station, don’t forget the paint knife!
  5. Place your buckets of odorless thinner between each grouping, but no more than 4 people to a bucket. Fill your buckets with at least 1” of odorless paint thinner.
  6. Put your recycling bins (unlined) below the desks/tables/countertop for when the brushes need to be … dried.
  7. Now! Set out all of your palettes on one big surface, and distribute the paint. Each person will need about an ounce of each color. If you watch The Joy of Painting, you’ll notice Bob puts a lot more paint on his palette than he actually uses. Work color by color instead of palette by palette.
  8. Serve some wine and get ready to see who has artistic abilities.*spoiler alert* a lot of them do!
  9. Optional: Put on your Bob Ross costume and imitate him the entire time.
In Bob We Trust

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