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The Culture Cultivator, a blog

A San Francisco Culture Cultivator’s view on Workplace Culture, Employee Happiness and the Millennial shift in the workforce.
On The Culture Cultivator, you will get ideas on pleasing your most fun-demanding employees. Corporate-stuffy is out! Millennials will take up 75% of the workforce by 2020, so the time to shift is now! Millennials want FUN! If you are looking for fun events to host for a startup, unique ideas for team building in your office, or to enrich the family values you already in your office, you are in the right place! These concepts can be used to enliven sorority or fraternity relationships, and can also be used for group events and parties, or shared with your friends! Find out how to engage your demanding employees, create a fun workplace, and find ideas on how to deliver a personal experience to every employee, all on The Culture Cultivator. Welcome- I hope you enjoy reading!