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Engaging the Hipster: 5 more tastings to host

If you’ve found nothing worthy in my article  5 Things to Taste That Aren’t Wine, you probably won’t find any here either.
Here are 5 more fun tastings to host at work (or home!).
  1. Mead aka honey wine: Honey fermented in water, infused with various fruits, grains, spices, or hops. It is the oldest known alcoholic beverage and dates back to 7000BC. There is a lot of history in this drink, so gather the team around for story time. Mead was known to be the nectar of the gods by ancient Greeks, they believed that mead would prolong life, and bestow health, strength, and virility. At the time grapes were very cheap, and when grape-wine came to fruition the producMeadtion of mead declined. Mead was cherished by the wealthy. Kings had private bee cellars for producing their honey-wine. A mead-maker was our craft brewer.  Oh, and fun fact: the word “honeymoon” comes from the tradition of giving the couple a moon’s worth of honey-wine. So how can you incorporate this into a happy hour? Create an accompanying charcuterie board, or watch a documentary on the rapidly declining bee population.
  2. Switchel: Debatable in origin; also known as haymaker’s punch. Switchel was most recently popular in the 1820’s (145 P.G), and it shined on American farSwitchelms as a thirst-quenching rehydrator. It’s traditionally made from apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger, maple syrup and then cut with water. Introduce your friends to a hip-ass bevy that eases inflammation, boosts the immune system, and replenishes electrolytes.
  3. Whiskey: I literally know nothing about OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhiskey and also, I don’t like drinking it. This is a great opportunity for you to ask the office,  “Who here loves whiskey?” Have the whiskey drinkers create a tasting menu. Purchase the whiskey, and if you have the budget, ice cube trays. Set up your whiskey tasting and let the experts do all the talking! I love delegating. Adult “Show and Tell” is really quite cute.
  4. Kombucha. Particularly health-focused crowd? Gather in the kitchen to taste some of the best Kombuchas on the market. Make it fun by stocking whichever one gets the most votes. Pick out a few from this Thrillist article on the best tasting Kombucha at Whole Foods! Pair this with Whole Foods Pictionary or Charades for a hilariously healthy night.  Stay tuned for my list of words to use!
  5. Toast. Whaaaat? Yeah, I did just switch it up from liquid to solid. Enjoy a fancy breakfast with your peeps by hosting a BYOT Toast Party. Bring Yourtoast Own Toppings; raw honey, homemade marmalade, French butter, artisan lox, avocado, apple butter, an egg cooker, farm fresh eggs, salsa, bananas, fig jam, sea salt… whatever! Buy a couple cheap 4 slice toasters ($30 each but will save you so much time) and prepare for a really fun morning with organic stories about grandmas cooking, family breakfasts and epicurean travels.


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