Host a Succulent Social Happy Hour

Host a Succulent Social Happy Hour

Succulents and other desert plants are so hot right now! I’ve never hosted a happy hour event that went better than the Succulent Social. We got so many attendees from all different departments. It was awesome.

We hired a local succulent designer who happened to have a business throwing succulent and other plant parties. She brought vases and terrariums, plants, moss, rocks, beads, sponges, and all the tools needed to make your own terrarium or succulent garden. There were so many different types of mosses and accouterments to fill your terrarium with. I was so surprised at the selection, which made each team members terrarium super unique! I even bought some Geodes on eBay for a final touch!

You could definitely do a DIY version, if you don’t have a succulent master in your area.

  1. Buy your vases here, here, or here.
  2. Buy your succulents / air plants from the Succulent Source (they ship!)
  3. Buy your accoutrements from your local craft store or hardware store: potting soil, small pebbles, different colored mosses, shells, whatever your heart desires. Get a good mix so each employees terrarium looks different.
  4. I even went as far as to purchased a lot of small cut open geodes on eBay for an extra special touch, which everyone loved.
  5. Remember that succulents need soil, air plants do not.

For San Franciscans: We hired Melissa from Fun with Plants to host our succulent social.. Melissa was amazing. She showed up on time and was set up and ready to go by the time happy hour started. She was highly communicative and so, so sweet. We had a Terrarium Building Happy Hour with Air Plants and Succulents. Our team was thrilled to be able to hand make a terrarium (not an experience everyone gets!) and we had very high participation numbers for our office! Some people begged to make 2, one for home and one for work, so I’d suggest if it’s in your budget to plan on 2 terrariums per person!

If you try this, I hope you have a great time!


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