Hosting a Brand Trivia Night at work

Hosting a Brand Trivia Night at work

This will be a fun event if your company is in the tech / social space. You could always edit the questions to fit your industry.
My office has 50 very different people, and it’s hard to please everyone. Luckily, something we do have in common is that we all work in social media. We know brands. That’s why Brand Trivia is a super competitive battle between teams.
Print out enough Answer Sheets for each team to have 5.  Don’t staple them– just leave them on each teams table, along with enough (working) pens with the clicky press-down thing. You don’t want to be cleaning up a ton of pencaps that you know people have chewed on. Come on, you know.
You have to be the host, so ham it up. You’re like Alex Treb– no. You are Summer Sanders. (I see you millennials!) Use your charm to hire a scorekeeper.  Feed your friends, then hit them with:
  • Round 1: What’s that slogan?
  • Round 2: Whose brand is it anyway?
  • Round 3: Logo Printout
  • Round 4: Geography
  • Round 5: Is it a unicorn?
  • Round 6: an Acquired Taste
In between each round (where you are intently supervising for iphones!), collect the answers (make sure teams write their team name). You can update everyone on points round by round, or wait until the very end.
Bake at 4:30, serve with gyros and peroni.

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  1. Hi there, your answer sheet is not correct for the last few questions, it just repeats the questions. I’m curious!

    1. Sorry I took so long to reply! I just updated the PDF so that the questions and answers are both in the document ” Brand Trivia Q&A”. I’m excited that you’re interested!

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