Inclusive Holiday Events for your Office

Inclusive Holiday Events for your Office

So you want to spike some egg-nog? You’re in the right place. Me too.
Here are 5 ways to have some heartwarming fun with your #workfam over the holidays:

Winter Wreath Making:

Wreaths don’t always have to be Christmas themed. With our offices growing more and more diverse with each day, we must notice that there are religions and cultures that don’t celebrate any holidays over the wintertime. Wreaths are a beautiful ode to winter greenery and can be made with or without the holidays in mind.
You can hire an expert from your local flower shop to run a class, or, you can source your own materials (for about $15/pp) and use a YouTube video for guidance!
Here are some great tutorials I found:
Traditional Christmas Wreaths:
5 Minute Fresh Greenery Wreath:
INSPO: these gorgeous greenery wreaths

Visit the Symphony:

Nothing plucks my heartstrings like chamber music. Wintertime music has a scene of its own: Orchestra ensembles,  and string quartets, sleigh bells ring-a-ling ting ting-a-ling… It’s lovely weather for a musical experience together, and you can make it happen on any budget.
Big Budget ($100/pp) Book tickets at your local symphony! You’ll get better prices on a weeknight and might even score a deal for tickets during a practice!
Mid Budget ($50/pp) Hire a Holiday String Quartet on Gigmasters to play an hour-long set of Winter Classical Goodness (just made that up) while you dim the lights, make a batch of hot toddy’s and relax to the sounds of 16 strings singing your praises.
Lil Budget ($10/pp) Hot toddy’s, dim lights and this Spotify playlist: spotify:album:2QuxVzSXtYsKHTcg91gNle
You can even make some DIY Mulled Wine in the office with a pot from home and
INSPO: an intimate evening of chamber music


Wintertime is one of the most popular times to volunteer, which tells us a couple of things:
  • You may have a hard time finding a place that isn’t already booked up with volunteers
  • We should really be volunteering year round, though winter is a great time to get your team’s feet wet and start your corporate volunteering program
  • Money is always graciously accepted even when volunteer spots are full
While I could write an entire blog post on this, and I may… for now here are a few ways you can volunteer in the winter:
  1. Cooking meals for families at the Ronald McDonald House
  2. Helping local shelters with literally whatever they need; sorting clothes, washing dishes, serving food, running grocery markets, scrubbing floors. Humbling work is always needed and feels great.
  3. Running a food donation drive for a local food shelter
  4. Join a toy drive, like Toys for Tots or Family Giving Tree (my fave!)
If you’re looking for more Bay Area Volunteer Opportunities this winter, check out this blog post by RedTricycle:

Ice Skating:

Ice skating is a time to embarrass yourself amongst that #workfam by strapping on two blades and creating your own interpretive ice dance to Frozen’s “Let It Go,” you know they’ll play it. You already know.
Not into ice skating? Try contacting a nearby rink to see if they offer Broomball!

Tree Lighting Ceremony:

Just because we don’t want to fully focus on Christmas or other religious holidays doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate at all. Make it a fun group event by having your team light and decorate the Christmas tree together. This is where the spiked egg nog comes in.
I always buy a real tree because we all love and appreciate the smell. Also, you may think a fake tree is more environmentally friendly, but in order to make that statement true, you’d have to keep re-using that same tree for 10+ years.  See more about the real cost of an environmentally friendly tree in this article on The Verge.
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