Make an Office Photo Wall with your Instagram Photos

Make an Office Photo Wall with your Instagram Photos

If your company has a lot of fun, they probably have an Instagram hashtag that you normally use.  My office has an office-specific hashtag we use and we have over 250 posts — and they aren’t all dogs! This is a big deal to me because when I first started here, none of us were friends. I would always half-jokingly tell them (whenever I wanted to get them together) “remember…. we’re friends”. Somehow that always did the trick. Now, it’s very fulfilling to look at our hashtag and see how many friendships have blossomed, and to know that I had something to do with it—  I’m very humbled. When employees love where they work, and have fun at their office, they want to share that with their friends. Sometimes it feels like they’re actually saying “look how cool my office manager is!” which is really rewarding.
Check out some of these offices hashtag pages:
You could also search another way, if you don’t have a specific hashtag, use location.
Heck, even Palo Alto Medical Clinic in Santa Cruz has a ton of photos based on location!
Huge perk by the way, when fun photos are shared on social media, your employee’s followers get a bird’s eye view at a great place to work.  Maybe they’d consider working for you. Brand recognition is another perk! A free way to get your name out into the local community- I had me at ‘free’. Some of the greatest companies have a ton of Instagram photos that get posted and subsequently lost in the deep caverns of the Intertubes, never to be enjoyed again. And others have TOTALLY AWESOME PHOTO WALLS that are drool-worthy. So let’s get started!
First, find some inspiration. Whether it’s on Pinterest or in your mind, imagine what your photo wall will look like. Does the wall you are planning on mounting it on have good lighting? Is it drywall? Will your lease allow you to drill into the walls? (Use command strips!) Do you want the wall painted first? Here are some ideas of cool photo walls I found on Pinterest.
           For the Doctor’s Office:
        For the Music Industry:
    For the Explorers:
Next, you need to decide your photo type. Are you going for 4×4 Square Prints or Polaroid Style? Maybe you’re going to use instant-film strips. I really love for printing photos. That’s where we get ours! Also, in case you don’t have a huge feature wall, they have a lot of cool posters and film strips!
You’re going to have to be innovative when it comes to your wall unless you’re following mine or someone else’s directions.
A few tips: the heavier your photos + clips are, the tighter you are going to need the mounting wires. Just keep in mind that 100ish photos have some substantial weight. Don’t print them yourself – even if you are on a budget! The effort of having photos professionally finished is a touch your staff will notice. And they will appreciate it. Decals are your best friend! If you’re going for an Airbnb family tree look, or this Birds on A Wire Photo Wall, don’t opt for paint! Decals often look way better, they are cheaper and easy to remove! (and getting them custom made on Etsy is still way cheaper than painting!)
I opted for a 3 level curtain wire down our 15’ wall!
So here’s the big reveal!

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4×4 photos printed from
3 DIGNITET curtain wires from IKEA ($14.99 ea)
…and I had a TaskRabbit mount them because otherwise, it would look terrible.
I hope this inspires you to make your own office photo wall with your Instagram photos!

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