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Office Manager Hacks: Apps

No better way to start off the office manager hacks series with tech 🙂 #startuplife

My husband is a tech geek. We have a smart home. I think my dog is better at computers than I am.

Meme 1082

We can control all of the lights and TV, Xbox, Stereo, Air Conditioning, Bathroom Heater… you get the picture… all from our iPad. We don’t have any remotes at all. I can ask my Amazon Alexa to play Ed Sheeran on Spotify in my bedroom, walk into the bathroom, and say, “Alexa, resume from Spotify” where the music will start playing. This is absolutely ridiculous and completely unnecessary and also more of a pain in the ass than anything. 😉 Sorry, babe! I love your hue lights.

Unlike a smart home, these apps are necessary to remain organized and productive:

Wunderlist: a great simple to-do list! (Power users see: Things) Wunderlist has a Desktop app and iPhone app, which is awesome for me since I’m using all of my devices at all times. Sometimes it’s like this:


For complicated tasks or more lengthy notes, each line item has the option to set a due date, reminder, subtasks and notes. (P.S This is where you should be hiding your “gifts for significant other” list!) I write everything in Wunderlist; employee requests, wall damage, shopping list, to-do items, employee sentiment, everything. I haven’t used a post-it or notebook since. Also, the sound when you check off an item is so satisfying and jolly…

Polymail: I know I’m not the only one who gets 200 emails a day. I’m determined to keep inbox 0, so I use Polymail. If an email requires a response but I can’t get to it right now, I can set it to snooze. If the email is a request for something, I immediately copy it into Wunderlist. Archive. DONE! Bonus: Polymail has delivery tracking, so you know when someone opens your email 🙂


Dropbox: All of my files are here. My invoices, screenshots, expense receipts, photos. Again, nothing stored locally. It’s the future people! I love that dropbox has an option to automatically upload screenshots.. it makes everything so easy. Also, there’s like, unlimited space in the cloud right!?


Evernote: I use Evernote for blogging and for office management. There have been multiple times where I’ve downloaded malware, or my computer has crashed, or some other catastrophe where I’ve had to wipe my device and start fresh. I’ve lost so many notes in the process. Now all of my stuff is in the cloud. That means, if my computer broke or got stolen, I lost my phone, or whatever, I could access that information from anywhere. Evernote makes it really easy to keep your notes organized, and has a simple UI which I love. I don’t even use Apple Notes anymore since I don’t want anything stored locally.

Unroll.me and THE UNSUBSCRIBE BUTTON: This is a life changer, guys. I can’t tell you how much more productive I am after unsubscribing from all the junk mail I was getting! If you have a few marketing emails that you like to get, roll them up with unroll.me. I get one consolidated email a week with any ads from Sephora, CB2 or Madewell. Otherwise, UN-SUB-SCRIBE! If you dedicated 30 minutes to just going through junk mail and unsubscribing, your email load would be so much easier to deal with!




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