Social Perks your office should have

Social Perks your office should have

Ommmmmmmmm. Can’t you see I’m in a meeting?
Ready to make a huge impact in your office? Offering extra goodies to your team is highly motivating! Amp up your perk-factor with these above-and-beyond social benefits.


Luncheons: ew that sounds terrible. When you serve lunch at work, eat together! Host a department stand-up, or have a question of the day. Start with something easy like ‘your favorite Netflix show.’

Off-sites: Having an off-site has an enormous impact– just make sure to choose the right activity for your desired outcome! Just getting into your groove? Have a retreat in nature and add in some science camp activities! Had a down round? International potluck; you’re all about saving money now, so make it a team effort. They will feel great knowing you pulled this off together. Need some motivation? Have a heart-to-heart fireside chat with your staff that ends in a whole-family invitation to a company picnic! Appreciating them and their family with wholesome fun and food will renew their spirit.

Competitions: Hosting a friendly game of ping pong is one thing, but having a Ping Pong Tournament really ‘gets the people going!’ Host a Trivia Night or have a scavenger hunt. Competition is healthy in relationships, and ya’ll are with each other more than your significant others so yeah, it’s a relationship!

Happy Hours: Plan ahead and market your events with posters or chat. Pick a theme your team will enjoy! By theme, I don’t mean an 80’s Disco Happy Hour. I mean a karaoke night, or a cider tasting, or a Bob Ross paint night. When you have something organized and thought through, your engagement will skyrocket. Check out some free happy hour ideas here.

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