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We played Archery Tag and it was AWESOME

There are so many event/service companies in SF, it’s nearly impossible to see what each one has to offer. Luckily, one of my coworkers referred us to his friend who runs Archery Tag. I know, it sounds weird. Imagine Paintball + Archery.
We got a permit to use at Golden Gate Park since we had over 25 people. Need a permit? We met Anthony from ArcherX in the park and he had already set up everything for us. He created a rectangular field with blow up barricades to hide behind and set out bows, arrows, and masks for us to admire while we waited for the rest of the group.
Since we had been hyping about this event for weeks, people were DECKED OUT. I’m talking sweatbands, real sports gear, snarky t-shirts. The anticipation was so worth it because we had a freaking BLAST!
This was a really easy event to plan and was really successful with the athletic people and GoT fans. I would recommend everyone bringing sunglasses, you can fog up your masks pretty easily, and you have to wear some sort of eye protection. This is a must-do.

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