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What to do on Cinco De Mayo: host a guacamole competition

I don’t like going out on Cinco De Mayo, so I always host something for the people like me. This idea could be changed into a Margarita competition! Or Salsa!
You can host your guac-off in two different ways, either ask your participants for their secret recipes and then buy all the ingredients, or provide a bunch of generic ingredients and let participants fly by the seat of their pants. Iron Chef anyone? Allez Cuisine!
PUN BREAK @ Whole Foods on Market
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those avo’s doe| dat Hass doe | Avocadoe, a deer

Send out an email a week in advance.. something like…
Greetings Guaclovers!
It is time to prepare for the annual Guac-Off! This is a chance to prove your guacamole mastery!
On Thursday, May 4th @ 4:30, chefs will report to Kitchen Stadium to prepare their contribution. Everything must be from scratch and prepared during the allotted time. We will all gather for a blind tasting to determine the best guacamole this office has to offer.
Whether you are a guacamole master, or you have never made guacamole in your life, reply to this email to enter yourself into the competition!
more details to follow.
all the ingredients
1 mixing bowl, serving bowl  cutting board, knife, kitchen towel, and mixing utensil per contestant (I know these can get expensive, I get everything from either Target, Amazon, or the Dollar Store)
Tostito’s bowls chips. This won’t work with any other chip!!
Post-its or Folded Index Cards (for writing Entry Numbers)
Voting Receptacle
Ballots (Post-its)
Set up each contestants station with their avocados. (Instagram opportunity!!) Trust me, if you let them pick their own it will take forever. I allow 2 avocados per guac, and contestants scale their recipes to match. Give about an hour for them to prepare, since hand cutting onions and garlic takes quite a while. Once all of the entries are made and in their respective bowls, set them out on the counter with your Entry Tags (numbered). Make sure YOU know which guac is which, but nobody else should. Note: someone in my office uses chicken bouillon in his guacamole, so vegetarians couldn’t try it- make sure to write any hidden allergens on the Entry Tags! Let your team taste and vote for their favorite recipe — winner gets one year of bragging rights. Everyone else gets guacamole that isn’t extra.

Setup for Guacamole Competition.


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